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  1. Anasept Testimony

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    I wanted to let you know that recently I tried the Anasept Spray & Anasept Gel on one of my residents at a LTC facility, based on your high recommendations. We had such great results that the Wound Dr. who I work with has been ordering this combo at different facilities he works at. Her right medial foot wound was determined to be palliative care d/t thick adherent necrotic tissue that returned quickly after sharps debridement. We started using the Anasept products (about 1 month ago) and the wound bed is filling in with granulation tissue and the necrotic tissue is slowly dissolving! We may actually get this wound to close!

    Just wanted you to know. Thanks!!

    -Carolyn Geedy RN, WCC, Wound Nurse

  2. Anasept

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    When compared with other products on the market claiming to have debridement properties, Anasept is a superior product. Patients using Anasept in our outpatient wound clinic had a decrease of at least 25% in nonviable tissue within seven days. Two patients using Anasept had 100% decrease in nonviable tissue within seven days and one patient in four days.  I would highly recommend this product as an alternative to enzymatic debridement products as it appears to facilitate healing and promote more positive outcomes for patients. The fact that this product also destroys the biofilm and bioburden all while neutralizing odor is another bonus. Last, but not least the Anasept Gel is significantly less expensive and reimbursable!

    Amy Clason BSN, RN, WCC

  3. Anasept working it’s magic again!

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    My staff is noticing a significant improvement regarding wound healing. Chronic wounds that have appeared stalled and now showing progress. We are definitely seeing good results with Anasept.

    Thank you for an excellent product.

    Jim Hanson, PT
    Director of Rehabilitation Services
    Roosevelt General Hospital
    Nogales, NM

  4. Anasept Case Report

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    Hi..have a nice day,as I promise you regarding the by anasept.product, hear this story please; this is a child (my sister’s kid) of 10 year old age male,with trauma to the face and Rt.elbow he is otherwise normal kid while he ride a bicycle near his home suddenly stucked by a car, and fall down, causing Lt.facial epidermal laceration and looks like 1st degree burn,semi circular around 6*8 cm. and elbow abrasion ..upon using 2 technologies (anasept solution and twice times xeroform petrolatum bismuth dressing and 3 days apart in between the dressings their was a dramatic the attached files shows pictures before and after anasept application.

    The last picture shows good improvement..
    -Dr.Botan Al-Sarraj

    Day 1: Before any treatment photo

    After treatment started with Anasept Cleanser/Gel

  5. Anasept Results

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    Thank you for the Anasept samples. Overall, we noticed that the product aided in reduction of odor and complimented the instillation therapy with Vera Flo to aid in removal of debris and slough in the wound. I also am choosing this product since I have not had any blockage alarms with it (as with Vashe) and it is cheaper in price per bottle. I would HIGHLY recommend beginning to carry a larger bottle. I have several challenging wounds and sometimes instill 50-85cc every 3-4 hours. Thanks again. Here are the results I found:

    Sacral stage 4 pressure injury: 5.6 x 5 x 1.5cm. Foul odor.
    6 days later Measures 5.2 x 3.8 x 2.9cm Odor improved (also was begun on IV antibiotics)

    Sacral stage 4: Measures 9.5 x 5 x 4, 80% slough and 20% granulation tissue. Purulent drainage, foul odor noted. Antibiotics started
    3 days later 85% granulation tissue, 15% slough, NO odor or s/s infection. Measures 9 x 5.2 x 4.4 (may have some increase in size with removal of dead tissue)

    -Jennifer Day, RN, BSN, CWOCN
    Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse Manager
    Anniston Regional Medical Center
    Anniston, AL 36202

  6. Sani-Zone

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    Dear Anacapa:

    My ostomy surgery was in 1985 and I have been looking for a odor eliminator with not much success “until” I found you, what a great product you have!!! Thanks for solving over 16 years of frustration.

    Lee Hedgecoe

  7. Sisters of St. Francis Assisi House

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    Thank you for your prompt reply to my request. I am grateful for the opportunity to try your product. As a Wound Care Certified Nurse, I am always attempting to keep current with the newest and least costly products for our Sister Community. With the current cuts in CMS reimbursement, it is a necessity to acquire the products dictated by the current pharmaceutical insurer. Assisi House is an independently funded home for the retired Sister of St. Francis and does not utilize Federal funding: therefore we attempt to find products that are efficient and cost effective.

    At present, our facility is proud to boast a low percentage of pressure ulcers and those are stage I and stage II. We are fortunate to have the highest quality of personnel with a sense of caring, discipline and attentive skin integrity.

    The ease of application and effectiveness has been proved in our trial use of Silver-Sept on a tunneling wound that has previously been surgically debrided. The wound was on the trochanter area and was too small to pack with any product other than a gel. The Silver-Sept was used for a two week trial with reduction in the depth and closure of the wound to .05 centimeter diameter. We currently are using a protective dressing only.

    We are discussing the use of Silver-Sept on a vascular wound that has been difficult to heal. I will keep you informed of our progress.

    Thank you again for supplying us with a sample of your product. We are certainly positive about future use of Silver-Sept in our facility when the need arises.

    -Cheryl Wilkerson RN, BC, BSN, WCC
    Coordinator of Staff Education

  8. Madison Health & Rehab

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    We have received the product (Anasept Wound Cleanser & Gel) and it is WONDERFUL!!! My wound care nurse can not praise it highly enough. We will be in touch for reorders.

  9. Hussein Alrakah

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    One of my relatives suffered a high-degree and serious burns because he was handling Acid. The doctors decided to do an operation to remove the dead skin and to repair the burn marks, and if the operation did not succeed they will amputate the fingers. I took him out of the hospital and gave him Anasept Gel—manufactured by your company—to use for only one week. The results were stunning, it healed the wound completely, the skin started to grow back and the deep holes caused by the Acid were sealed—as you seen in the attachment—knowing that the injured is diabetic.

    Thank you for this product. Note that, it is not available in Saudi Arabia, and the Ministry of Health is using (MEBO) and other gel products that gives a slow effect and sometimes does not work. I am hoping that your products will be available to us here in anytime soon.

    Hussein Alyami

    Najran City

    Saudi Arabia


    Day 1: Before any treatment photo

    Day 1: Before any treatment photo

    After treatment started with Anasept Gel

    Day 7: After one week of treatment with Anasept Gel

  10. Dawn Hernandez

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    Please accept my sincere appreciation thank you for allowing me to use your Anasept Gel and Wound Cleanser.

    From December 2013 to February 2014, I was taking care of my mother on hospice and making end of life decisions for her.  During this process, I met other patients, hospital and hospice staff.  I sat in many clinical chairs and slept on hospital cots always at my mother’s bedside.  I was very overwhelmed with my mother’s illness.  This caused my immune system was down.   Approximately two weeks after my mom passed, away I noticed my left buttocks area was very sore and I felt a small bump the feeling of the bump was the size of a spider bite, pimple or even a boil. As I pressed on the bump, it was very sore and infected.  I decided I had better go to Urgent care.  The pain was unbearable, the bump was warm to the touch, and the increased size was alarming to me.  I was at the point I could not sit down for long periods.  When I arrived at Urgent Care, I had a temperature of 99.8 and I was extremely tired.  The doctor looked at the bump and noticed a yellow film over the bump that I did not notice before.  The doctor immediately ordered two injections of Clindamycin, oral clindamycin and a culture of the bump.  The Doctor recommended that I return in 48 hours for a follow up visit and to Doctor to drain the abscess.  I returned 48 hours later and there was no change to the abscess.  The Doctor immediately referred me to go to ER to have the abscess surgically removed, the Doctor was leery about Doctor draining the abscess.  I went to ER and the surgical Doctor said that it was a staph infection and most likely MRSA and that the abscess was 6cm deep.  They removed the abscess and ordered me Keflex to take along with the clindamycin.  I took both antibiotics three times per day and I was seeing very slow improvement.  Approximately one week after the removal of the abscess, a family friend recommended the anasept gel and cleanser.  I agreed and was so happy that I found the Anasept products.  I used them daily and the healing of the abscess seemed to be faster than before.  My total time of healing was approximately 10 days.  The Doctor said it would take a few months for the wound site to heal and close.  I am a believer that the anasept products had made a difference in the healing process.  Thank you Anasept and friends!  This is a great product easy to use and I will have this in my medicine cabinet from now on!  All medical staff, hospitals and anyone in the health care industry needs this in their facilities.  🙂

    -Dawn Hernandez

  11. Christopher Morrison, MD

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    MD, FCCWS, FACHM CEO, Nautilus Health Care Group
    Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin & Wound Gel has proven to be a safe, powerful and cost-effective antimicrobial gel that is much needed in the field of advanced wound management. Across the continuum of care, including hospital inpatients, outpatients and long-term care residents, we have incorporated Anasept into our treatment algorithms as it is a powerful non-cytotoxic, odor-reducing alternative to expensive prescriptions and compounded agents needed to fight tough wound infections.

  12. Andrzej Stypko, MD

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    I have been using Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin & Wound Gel in my practice (Wound Care and Hyperbarics) for 2 years now. Before Anasept and concomitantly with it I was using many other products (Microcyn®, SilvaSorb™ and several hydrogels), which provided me with an opportunity to compare their efficacy, ease of use, antibacterial and debriding properties. With ever increasing cost of medical treatment the price of the product also deserves serious consideration.
    I found Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin & Wound Gel to be inexpensive and easy to use, just like any hydrogel. Since my patients are mostly diabetics, prone to multiple and serious infections, antibacterial properties of the gel are of significant importance. In my observation, Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin & Wound Gel prevented essentially 100% infections in the wound and helped to eradicate many of the already existing ones. This gel works very well against microbes while providing moist environment for an undisturbed healing of the wound.
    Overall it is an inexpensive product that provides clinician with the ease of use, antibacterial and anti-odor properties,  and creation of good healing environment.

    Microcyn is a registered trademark of Oculus Innovative Sciences, Petaluma, CA
    Silvasorb is a trademark of AcryMed, Inc. and distributed by Medline Ind., Inc., Mundelein, Il.

  13. Jesse M. Cantu

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    As we end 2011, and having attended the fall SAWC in Vegas last October, I continue to confirm why Chronic Wound management continues to evolve. In my last couple of years in wound care; I have found two unique products that are revolutionizing the way we treat chronic wounds. Anacapa Technologies, Inc.  has introduced two much needed products for wound irrigation as well as a primary dressing for lazy to angry wounds; Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin and  Wound Cleanser and Wound Gel, to be used for wounds with MRSA and all the others with polymicrobial bioburden; either critically colonized or infected that stall the healing process due to bacteria load.

    As a CWS nurse, I have the opportunity to get close to the wounds and follow them until they jump start by reducing the bacteria bioburden and removing the necrotic tissue. Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin and  Wound Cleanser has provided exciting results by removing biofilms and lowering the bacterial load to a contaminated level. So I routinely irrigate wounds with Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin and  Wound Cleanser and follow with Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin and  Wound Gel in the wound bed and leave alone for several days with this treatment, I recommend to the physician to try the Silver-Sept® Antimicrobial Skin and  Wound Gel gel to the wound bed and change the dressing every 2 to 3 days. I love it. Wounds heal and we are able to be cost effective. I develop protocols for nursing homes and home health and always add these three products to the formulary plus a film and foam. Administrators, DONs and the treatment nurse are satisfied on saving money and getting wounds to heal or keep them from worsening.

    This is standard of care and evidence based best practices.


    Jesse M. Cantu, RN, BSN, CWS, FACCWS

    Independent Wound Care Consultant

    Faculty International ATMO

  14. Dr. White describes the effectiveness of Anasept

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    Dr. White, DPM of FootCare Center of Orange in California discusses her preferred treatment method for wounds.