Anasept® Case Study 3

Leg Wound, Clinical Case Study by: Jean O. Galloway, PT-Superior Rehab Center Newport Beach, CA.

Clinical Challenge:

To heal wound on Right leg.


The Patient:

Mrs. N. is an 89 year old female who struck her right anterior lateral leg on the corner of her car door. It did not break the skin on impact. Incident occurred on 2/6/2014.


Start of Claim:

I first saw the patient on 3/6/2014. Wound measured 1.8 x 1.7 (see photo below). Tissue was dark red and grey. Patient said that there had been a bruised area for several days. It then developed into a hematoma. Patient saw her physician for 3 or 4 times and was told to use Neosporin, however, it continued to draining so she was referred to SRC. I debrided and decided to use the Anasept Gel. The Anasept spray is used prior and after debriding. I covered with a Primopore and asked to see patient twice weekly.


Continued Treatment:

Patient continued to be seen twice weekly with debriding and Anasept Gel the protocol. Wound looked cleaner and smaller with each visit. On 3/20/2014 wound now measured 0.8x 0.3. I was extremely pleased with the quick results the patient was achieving.


New photo was taken on 3/28/2014 and wound was closed and healed (see photo below). Patient was discharged and delighted.


Clinical/Results Statement:

Dramatic results evident as the patient was seen only 7 times and wound was closed and healed. I attribute the use of the Anasept Gel as the reason for this. I am quite pleased and will continue the use of this product.


3/6/2014 wound measured 1.8 x 1.7


3/28/2014 wound was closed and healed.