Hi..have a nice day,as I promise you regarding the pat.management by anasept.product, hear this story please; this is a child (my sister’s kid) of 10 year old age male,with trauma to the face and Rt.elbow he is otherwise normal kid while he ride a bicycle near his home suddenly stucked by a car, and fall down, causing Lt.facial epidermal laceration and looks like 1st degree burn,semi circular around 6*8 cm. and elbow abrasion ..upon using 2 technologies (anasept solution and twice times xeroform petrolatum bismuth dressing and 3 days apart in between the dressings their was a dramatic improvement.here the attached files shows pictures before and after anasept application.

The last picture shows good improvement..
-Dr.Botan Al-Sarraj

Day 1: Before any treatment photo

After treatment started with Anasept Cleanser/Gel