Please accept my sincere appreciation thank you for allowing me to use your Anasept Gel and Wound Cleanser.

From December 2013 to February 2014, I was taking care of my mother on hospice and making end of life decisions for her.  During this process, I met other patients, hospital and hospice staff.  I sat in many clinical chairs and slept on hospital cots always at my mother’s bedside.  I was very overwhelmed with my mother’s illness.  This caused my immune system was down.   Approximately two weeks after my mom passed, away I noticed my left buttocks area was very sore and I felt a small bump the feeling of the bump was the size of a spider bite, pimple or even a boil. As I pressed on the bump, it was very sore and infected.  I decided I had better go to Urgent care.  The pain was unbearable, the bump was warm to the touch, and the increased size was alarming to me.  I was at the point I could not sit down for long periods.  When I arrived at Urgent Care, I had a temperature of 99.8 and I was extremely tired.  The doctor looked at the bump and noticed a yellow film over the bump that I did not notice before.  The doctor immediately ordered two injections of Clindamycin, oral clindamycin and a culture of the bump.  The Doctor recommended that I return in 48 hours for a follow up visit and to Doctor to drain the abscess.  I returned 48 hours later and there was no change to the abscess.  The Doctor immediately referred me to go to ER to have the abscess surgically removed, the Doctor was leery about Doctor draining the abscess.  I went to ER and the surgical Doctor said that it was a staph infection and most likely MRSA and that the abscess was 6cm deep.  They removed the abscess and ordered me Keflex to take along with the clindamycin.  I took both antibiotics three times per day and I was seeing very slow improvement.  Approximately one week after the removal of the abscess, a family friend recommended the anasept gel and cleanser.  I agreed and was so happy that I found the Anasept products.  I used them daily and the healing of the abscess seemed to be faster than before.  My total time of healing was approximately 10 days.  The Doctor said it would take a few months for the wound site to heal and close.  I am a believer that the anasept products had made a difference in the healing process.  Thank you Anasept and friends!  This is a great product easy to use and I will have this in my medicine cabinet from now on!  All medical staff, hospitals and anyone in the health care industry needs this in their facilities.  🙂

-Dawn Hernandez