One of my relatives suffered a high-degree and serious burns because he was handling Acid. The doctors decided to do an operation to remove the dead skin and to repair the burn marks, and if the operation did not succeed they will amputate the fingers. I took him out of the hospital and gave him Anasept Gel—manufactured by your company—to use for only one week. The results were stunning, it healed the wound completely, the skin started to grow back and the deep holes caused by the Acid were sealed—as you seen in the attachment—knowing that the injured is diabetic.

Thank you for this product. Note that, it is not available in Saudi Arabia, and the Ministry of Health is using (MEBO) and other gel products that gives a slow effect and sometimes does not work. I am hoping that your products will be available to us here in anytime soon.

Hussein Alyami

Najran City

Saudi Arabia


Day 1: Before any treatment photo

Day 1: Before any treatment photo

After treatment started with Anasept Gel

Day 7: After one week of treatment with Anasept Gel