Thank you for your prompt reply to my request. I am grateful for the opportunity to try your product. As a Wound Care Certified Nurse, I am always attempting to keep current with the newest and least costly products for our Sister Community. With the current cuts in CMS reimbursement, it is a necessity to acquire the products dictated by the current pharmaceutical insurer. Assisi House is an independently funded home for the retired Sister of St. Francis and does not utilize Federal funding: therefore we attempt to find products that are efficient and cost effective.

At present, our facility is proud to boast a low percentage of pressure ulcers and those are stage I and stage II. We are fortunate to have the highest quality of personnel with a sense of caring, discipline and attentive skin integrity.

The ease of application and effectiveness has been proved in our trial use of Silver-Sept on a tunneling wound that has previously been surgically debrided. The wound was on the trochanter area and was too small to pack with any product other than a gel. The Silver-Sept was used for a two week trial with reduction in the depth and closure of the wound to .05 centimeter diameter. We currently are using a protective dressing only.

We are discussing the use of Silver-Sept on a vascular wound that has been difficult to heal. I will keep you informed of our progress.

Thank you again for supplying us with a sample of your product. We are certainly positive about future use of Silver-Sept in our facility when the need arises.

-Cheryl Wilkerson RN, BC, BSN, WCC
Coordinator of Staff Education